Gimle history

The first company in the world that made it possible to rent out your own parking space by the hour, by the day, by the month and make money on it.
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Our story

Sergii Kravetskiy
Our story began during the war in Ukraine. I was involved in humanitarian aid, and after driving more than 30,000 kilometers, I felt the problem with parking and in my spare time I began to study the topic of Parking Management.

It turned out that parking has always been a problem, but we are so used to it that we simply do not notice it. What's more, it cost Europeans nearly $88 billion in 2019 just according to official statistics.
In 2022, the global Parking Management market was valued at $4.38 billion. According to analytical agency Research and Markets, the average annual growth rate over the next 8 years will be 11.1%, and the parking management industry itself will reach $10.14 billion.

Problems to be solved

  • The actual parking space is fenced with a barrier on the lock, which must be opened / closed daily, getting out of the car, regardless of weather conditions.
  • the barrier on the lock does not allow other car owners to park and all the free time it idles freely.
  • to find a free space by the side of the road in a busy part of town, sometimes we have to drive around several blocks before we find a parking space.

Unpleasant statistics in numbers:

  • 20 minutes is the average number of minutes a driver spends each day looking for a parking space;
  • 42 hours - the average number of hours a person spends in traffic jams each year;
  • 50 metres - the average lag from a packed car to its destination (almost half a football field);
  • 160 billion dollars - the money that drivers lose each year by wasting precious time searching for a parking space;
  • 74 per cent of all car traffic - traffic caused by drivers looking for a free parking space;
  • 95 per cent - how much time a car is idle because the driver doesn't want to waste time looking for a parking space.
  • 25 per cent is the proportion of the population engaged in a verbal argument or fight with another driver over a parking space.

This is how our vision was born - a landmark for the movement of the Gimle Parking company and future products.
Our vision
We want to make roads less congested and save time for drivers.

Solution 1 - Gimle App mobile app

Rostislav Duzhev
Co-Founder and CMO Gimle
Since we already had a successful track record of creating and promoting a mobile app that solved a global problem with investment in Ukraine, the idea came up to create an app for car owners to find free parking via their smartphone.

But this only solves part of the problem, as only city parking can be added to the app, i.e. it is not possible to track where there is a free parking space.
So we decided to go further and allow you to rent out your own parking by the hour, by the day and by the month.

Can you imagine? The map in the app shows not only city parking, but also private parking: car parks, garages, shopping centres, restaurants, fitness centres, any place where parking is possible.

A car owner can find a free parking space and doesn't have to spend 20 minutes a day, and a parking space owner can earn money while they are at work, on a business trip, or away on business, and the parking space is free. This is how the Gimle Parking App, a mobile app that connects car owners and parking space owners, came into being.

Solution #2 - Automatic Gimle Blocker

Anna Chichkan
Co-Founder and CEO Gimle
"Developing a functionality for parking space rental is not a problem. But the app does not protect the owner's parking space from unscrupulous drivers or neighbours dumping their cars "anywhere".

In other words, the customer sees in the app that the parking space is available, books it, but the space is taken.
So the idea came up to create an automatic barrier that not only protects the parking space from other cars, but also allows you to manage the parking space remotely and rent it out.

Having analyzed the market, we realized that there are no reasonable analogues: a locking iron, a plastic "no parking" sign, a parking pole, there are even battery-operated devices.

From nurturing the idea, design and brainstorming of the device to the physical prototype took 4 months. During that time we assembled a team of experts, set up production, and shot a commercial.

More on the Gimle Blocker barrier.

Gimle Artificial Intelligence

Andrey Varnava
Co-Founder and CTO Gimle
Having developed a mobile app and a parking barrier, we decided to combine both of our products into one system, because they should complement each other and constantly learn. That's how artificial intelligence came about.

How it works:
1. Selecting a destination in the Gimle Parking App search
2. Artificial intelligence analyzes the available options among city and private parking.
3. Reserve the recommended parking option.
4. The parking space is secured and waiting for you, and you save 20 minutes of searching.

This concept has formed the company's goal.
Our goal
To create a convenient, controllable and profitable parking lot
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