Notice of use of cookies

Date of the last change: 02.10.2023

I. General Conditions:

  1. SharePark LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY which operates under the Gimle brand and its industry areas (hereinafter referred to as the "Controller") in this Cookie Notice (hereinafter referred to as the "Notice") describes the procedure for processing personal data of adult individuals (hereinafter referred to as the "Personal Data Subjects") by cookies when using the Gimle (hereinafter referred to as the "Software").
II. Terms:

  1. Cookies – small text files that the server can place in the browser if necessary. There are the following types of cookies:
  • Required – strictly necessary for the functioning of the Software;
  • Functional – facilitate the use of the Software;
  • Targeted - are used to identify personal data subjects between different websites, for example, content partners, banner networks.
  • Analytical - are used to see how personal data subjects use the Software, such as analytical cookies.
2. Cookie banner – a special message (banner) used to grant permission to use cookies and block them at the request of the personal data subject. Provides the ability to consent and customize cookies.
3. Other terms - the information provided in this notice shall be interpreted in accordance with the Notice on Personal Data Processing at
III. Consent to cookies:

  1. You consent to the use of cookies by clicking on the appropriate button when the cookie banner first appears. At the same time, the Personal Data Subject can choose which cookies will be used and later change the settings.
  2. The personal data subject may refuse to consent to the use of cookies by clicking on the appropriate button when a cookie banner first appears, or subsequently withdraw such consent. In this way, only Necessary Cookies will be collected and processed.
IV. Cookies:
V. Cookie services:
VI. Delete cookies by yourself:

  1. To delete cookies from your computer and phone on your own, you need to change your browser settings.
  2. Below are links to the instructions for deleting cookies in the most commonly used browsers:
VII. Appeal:

  1. If the Personal Data Subject has any questions regarding the notification and/or processing of personal data, the Personal Data Subject may contact the Personal Data Controller through the support service or by e-mail at
  2. A personal data subject may send an appeal to the Supervisory Authority for the Protection of Personal Data Subjects' Rights if he or she believes that his or her rights have been violated by the Controller. For more information, please follow the link.
VIII. Final conditions:

  1. The Notice shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria. All disputes arising out of this notice shall be resolved in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria in the appropriate court.
  2. Information on other terms, rights of personal data subjects, transfer of personal data to third parties, personal data in case of termination and bankruptcy, protection of personal data, notification of personal data security breach, cross-border transfer, validity of this notice and the term for amending it are set forth in the Notice on Personal Data Processing, unless otherwise specified in this notice in the text.
  3. The Personal Data Controller reserves the right to amend this Notice separately from the Notice of Personal Data Processing.
IX. Information about the Personal Data Controller:

Name: SLLC SharePark
Identification code: 207049614
Registration address: Bulgaria, 8000, Burgas, Georgi Kirkov Str., 16, f.2
E-mail: /
Head: Sergii Kravetskiy